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PostSubject: TOP 3 HEADSET PICKS   Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:43 am

With Dolby 5.1 channel surround sound as well as DTS, the Sony Playstation 3 has crystal clear audio capabilities deserving of a quality headset if you want to get the most out of your games. A gaming headset with a good microphone is also essential for games that feature voice chat while playing. Being able to clearly speak to team members in the middle of a frantic online multiplayer game can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Gaming headsets for the PS3 is available in wireless and wired versions depending on your preferences.

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21The Ear Force PX21 is a high quality gaming headset that will not only work perfectly on your PS3 but is compatible with the Xbox360 and PC as well. The chat boost and microphone monitoring features of this headset are ideal for gamers. The ability to independently adjust chat and game sounds on the fly means you'll never have to compromise. The audio when communicating on the Playstation Network is top notch. Because the chat and voice speakers are independent from the amplified ones that are used for the game sounds, there is no distortion and each channel is used to its best. The headset is also very comfortable which means you can play your games for extended periods without fatigue or strain caused by them. The only downside to this headset is that it doesn't support surround sound. If you can live with that then this is a great gaming headset for your PS3. ZTGameDomain has awarded this headset a rating of 8.5 out of 10, and customer feedback from gamers that purchased this headset is also very positive.

Astro A40The A40 headset by Astro is a true gamer's headset and boasts an impressive list of specifications. The headset was designed from the get-go to be used for gaming and has a very comfortable and sturdy design that is perfect for long gaming sessions. Audio and voice chat quality through the A40 headset is very good. With the included mixer, you can adjust the chat audio and gaming sounds independently to levels that suit you. The A40 headset also supports surround sound, which means you will be able to hear positional sounds in games that support it. Purchase the Astro A40 as a bundle with the mixamp in order to make use of all of its audio mixing features as these two items can also be purchased separately. A special Metal Gear Solid 4 edition of the headset has been released and is themed with a faceplate featuring this PS3 game, but standard versions are also available. The Astro A40 audio system has received a rating of 9.5 out of 10 on IGN making it an incredible product and one of the best gaming headsets available for PS3.

Tritton AX Pro Dolby Digital Precision Gaming HeadsetThis precision gaming headset by Tritton has eight built-in speakers. It supports full Dolby Surround sound simultaneously with independent voice communications. This is great for gaming as the sounds from your games won't drown out the chats from your fellow gamers when you are playing multiplayer games. Being able to adjust the volume for chatting and game audio separately also makes it more comfortable. You can adjust it to levels that are perfect for you. Like most gaming headsets this headset is design for comfort and won't be a hindrance in long playing sessions. The IGN rating for this headset is 8.8 out of 10 making it a great headset for gaming and one of the best for the PS3

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