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PostSubject: KONTROL FREEK $30 -   KONTROL FREEK   $30 - I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 12:20 pm

The ScienceKontrolFreek creates products that help competitive gamers win. Our patent pending products are designed to elevate your gaming experience, by improving your performance while reducing fatigue. Each KontrolFreek product is carefully engineered to reduce force inputs while increasing player comfort, helping you improve your accuracy and decrease your reaction time. Our products are based on the latest science in controller ergonomics, adding comfort to your gaming experience.

FPS Freek was developed to improve your accuracy in first person shooter environments, helping you react and hit your targets faster. FPS Freek extends the length of your analog stick, increasing your range of motion, giving you 40% more linear distance from full stop to stop.This gives you more leverage and increased control without disturbing your natural gaming feel. FPS Freek will help you to aim and lock in on your target faster, while putting less strain on your finger.

Speed Freek was developed to give you more control in racing games, enabling you to improve racing times when running against the clock. The unique curve of Speed Freek enables you to hug the turns in racing games, without your fingers slipping off the controller or creating unnecessary friction on your fingers. Speed Freek keeps your thumb on the existing control surface, with no disruption between the natural geometry that you have learned to use. Speed Freek’s supporting side walls enable sharper movements while adding to your control and precision in racing games.

All KontrolFreek products undergo extensive testing in both lab and competition testing, ensuring our products will live up to your expectations. Thousands of professional and amateur gamers have already experienced the competitive advantage of KontrolFreek’s products. Read the countless user reviews in our Forums, or try FPS Freek and Speed Freek for yourself to see how the science of gaming can improve your performance and make gaming more comfortable for you.

TD Freek Using the same basic concept as the FPS Freek, the TD Freek’s added length increases your range of motion by 40%, leading to more precise movements and a faster response to the action on the field. The convex thumb pad ensures more surface area of your thumb stays in contact with the controller at all times, which gives you more control. The surface has been optimized with an anti-slip, football-like texture that maximizes grip and comfort over long gaming sessions. This increased precision and decreased thumb-fatigue puts the game in your hands.

Our KontrolFreek UltimatePack Prestige Bundle gives gamers a serious reason to stay indoors this season. Each controller accessory bundle includes one set of FPS Freeks, one set of Speed Freeks and one set of the new FPS Freek Prestige—so you can dominate the competition and look good doing it.

FPS Freek Prestige was created for gamers who want to flaunt their kill ratios to the world. A 40% increase in range of motion lets you make smaller adjustments and hit targets much faster. The greater leverage offers you better control and less exertion.

The FPS Freek is our flagship PS3 and Xbox controller accessory. It was created with precision and accuracy in mind. By increasing the length of the thumbsticks slightly, precision while aiming is improved dramatically.

Speed Freek was specifically designed to help you reach the fastest lap-times possible in racing games. The “U” shaped analog stick attachment was developed to help you make more precise movements on the track while not allowing your thumb to slip as you hold long turns.

The UltimatePack Prestige is the perfect addition to your growing collection of video gaming accessories.

Works in games like:

Call of Duty
Modern Warfare 2
Gran Turismo 5
All products universally fit the PS3 controller and Xbox 360 controller but will also fit many third-party version.

KONTROL FREEK   $30 - Thesciencesmaller2

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