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 modern warfare 3 must read

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PostSubject: modern warfare 3 must read   modern warfare 3 must read I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 4:27 pm

Quick Overview :

Development :
Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 is a FPS action game co-developped by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision.
MW3 is expected to hit the shelves on November 8th, 2011 for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii/DS.
Treyarch is handling the development of the Wii version of MW3. n-Space is handling the NDS version.
Beachhead is working on the "Elite" service.

Technical Side :
MW3 runs on an improved version of the IW 4.0 engine (used in MW2), referred to as the "MW3 engine" in respect to Sledgehammer Games. It is acclaimed for it's quick-responsive controls and silky smooth gameplay.
MW3's framerate is locked at 60 FPS and will never run below that.
Infinity Ward has promised that just like with their past titles, the game will run equally on all platforms. (Same resolution/framerate)
Some of the engine improvements include streaming tech for greater level scales and improved audio for more situational awareness.

Gameplay :
Modern Warfare 3 has 3 components : A Campaign mode featuring a "very cinematic experience with insane action moments", a very depth Multiplayer mode, and a Co-Op mode featuring mission-based "Spec Ops" as well as a horde-based mode named "Survival".
Free PC Dedicated Servers will be featured from Day 1.
Xbox 360 gets DLC's 1 month (or so) before the other platforms.

Comparison to past CoD games :
Recoil patterns significantly increased from MW2.
Same frame rate as MW2.
Not returning from Black Ops : Dive-To-Prone, Combat Training, Second Chance, Multiplayer Currency, Stacking Killstreaks, Firecapped Pistols.
Not returning from MW2 : One Man Army, Stopping Power, Danger Close, Commando, Last Stand, Tactical Nuke
A lot of fan favorites (weapons...) are coming back, from CoD4 and MW2 (i.e. MP5, G36C, Model 1887...)
The slide is pulled when reloading an emptied pistol.

Game Components :

MW3 is a direct sequel to MW2
MW3 takes place during a hypothetical WW3
MW3 will focus more on the storytelling aspect of the game, something MW2 lacked.
The Campaign cannot be played cooperatively as it "ruins the cinematic experience" according to Infinity Ward.
Known factions are Delta Force (American), SAS (British) and GIGN (French), Spetsnaz (Russian) and apparently OpFor (middle-eastern).
Currently 3 missions are known : Black Tuesday, Hunter Killer and Mind the Gap.
Confirmed locations are USA (Manhattan, Washington D.C.), UK (London, and Lambeth rumored), France (Paris), Germany (Hamburg and Berlin), Russia (Moscow rumored), India (Himalayas, and Dharmasala rumored), Somalia (Mogadishu) as well as other parts of Africa (Sierra Leone rumored). Other rumored locations are Czech Republic (Prague), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Greece (Meteora) and the Alps (cross-continental European mountains).
Confirmed characters are Frost (playable), Sandman, Eddie Decker, Grunt, Truck, Grinch, Overlord, Wallcroft, Marcus Burns (playable) and Vladimir Makarov.

Spec Ops 2.0
Spec Ops is a mode included in MW3 that features "cool moments that didn't fit in the campaign". Most of the settings are campaign-based however. They are usually simple missions with a clear objective to do that is indicated from the start. Bear in mind however that simple does not mean easy.
New features are set to appear in Spec Ops such as Online Matchmaking, Progressive Ranking and Leaderboards.
You now have a unique progressive ranking system in Spec Ops that is completely separate from your Multiplayer rank. That rank will allow you to unlock new missions and difficulties.
Spec Ops encourages co-op play, as missions played with 2 players are easier than when played Solo (difficulty does not increase).
Every mission can be played solo or cooperatively.
You can play Spec Ops solo, split-screen, with a friend online or with a stranger online.
Known Missions : "Invisible Threat". A mission that can be played solo or with a player (just like every mission) that takes place in Berlin, Germany. You take control of a Juggernaut, and if you chose to play with a friend, your friend takes the role of a Sniper (with a Barrett .50cal according to people who played the game at Gamescom) who provides supportive fire from a ledge afar. The Juggernaut has to defuse 9 IED's around the map, and the Sniper uses Predator Drones and such to keep enemies off the Juggernaut.

Survival Mode
Survival Mode is a part of Spec Ops, but the concept is completely different than the mission-based Spec Ops.
It is playable on all Multiplayer Maps, so you can also use it as training for learning the maps before jumping online.
It is a brand new wave-based mode where a 1-2 player(s) must fight off increasingly difficult waves of enemies until they are overcame by them.
As the rounds progress the enemies become smarter, aim better and get better weapons. There are also different types of enemies, see below.
Confirmed enemy types : Soldiers, Attack Dogs, Chemical Soldiers, Kamikaze Soldiers, Kamikaze Dogs, Juggernauts (and different variants who all have their weakness i.e. with riot shields, weak to explosives, weak to headshots), and Air Support (Attack Choppers, Pavelows...)
You earn money as you kill enemies, get assists, complete challenges and more. You can use that money to buy features from any of the three armories. (see below)
When both players die, it's game over. When one player is downed, however, it is possible to revive him using a syringe.
You also have an armor. (Represented by a percentage at the bottom of the screen. When it runs out, it does not replenish. You have to buy another one from the Equipment armory)
You start off with a pistol (the Five-seveN), 2 flashbangs and 2 frag grenades. It is possible to pick up enemy weapons.
In each map there are 3 armories. A weapon armory (represented by the Pistol icon), an Equipment armory (represented by the Frag icon) and an Air Support armory (represented by the Harrier icon)
In the weapon armory, you can buy refill your ammo, buy attachments, buy new weapons and upgrade them. Weapons have different pricings but also behave in different manners, as certain weapons in Spec Ops are purposely made overpowered, unlike in Multiplayer.
In the equipment armory, you can refill your frags, flashbangs, buy claymores, C4, syringes and probably armor. You can also buy turrets, automatic grenade launchers and more.
In the Air Support armory, this is essentially where you call for help. You can call in a Delta Squad of AI-controlled computers to drop from a helicopter and help you fight. You can also call in a Riot Shield squad to support you. It is also possible to buy Air Support such as Predator Missiles and AC-130's.
For a more in-depth look at Survival mode, please see Androyed's thread here.


General MP info :
The "Elite" service will be launched with MW3. See bottom of this post for information.
MW3 MP will debut during Call of Duty XP. See bottom of this post for information.
XBL Party Chat will return with some restrictions (S&D...)
Playing the objective will be more rewarding thanks to tweaks done to the challenges, XP, match bonus and medals.
MW3 will have a unique unlock system which will not feature currency.
The melee will be nerfed
Gun-on-Gun focus, so less reliance on killstreaks, knifing, equipment.
It was hinted the Callsign system will return
Stopping Power is not returning in any way.
It was hinted the weapons would have increased base damages to compensate the lack of Stopping Power.
"More gun damage overall, less explosive damage overall".
Confirmed Sniper information : More Sniping Options. QuickScoping is confirmed. There will be public Sniper lobbies.
According to IW, MW3 will have long-term post-launch support (patches).
Free dedicated servers will return for PC.
3 Map Packs (confirmed by Elite add)
Security, balancing explosives and not overlooking the importance of high-quality sounds (aka soundwhoring) are important parts of the design.
Stealth perks have been split up rather than centralized in one option.
A feature similar to "Theater" will be available in MW3.
Combat Training is not set to return as it is replaced by Survival Mode (Spec Ops).
The Mini-Map is now colored instead of translucent.
The Killstreak system has been replaced by a Pointstreak system (see slightly below for more info)
Known Maps :
- "Dome" ; "One of the smaller maps" according to Robert Bowling. This is a map set in a "derelict Cold War era desert radar command bunker" supposedly set in Russia. It is about the size of Firing Range from Black Ops.
- "Carbon" ; This map was seen in the Spec Ops trailer and corresponds to the leaked map from Kotaku named "Carbon". It appears to be a medium-sized map set in the evening.
- "Paris" ; According to Gamespot, this map is "a medium-sized chunk of urban devastation where alleyways, bridges and demolished houses make for some interesting routes throughout the map".
- and 2 other unknown maps (possibly "Coast" (medium-large sized map taking place near a water bed) and "Lambeth" (medium-large sized map taking place in England))

Perks :
Extreme Conditioning (increased sprinting duration)
Steady Aim (tighter hipfire spread)
SitRep (detect enemy equipment and explosives)
Scrapped Perks : Stopping Power, Juggernaut, Danger Close, One Man Army, Commando and Last Stand

Point Streaks :
The Killstreak System has been replaced by a Point Streak system.
Kills and other actions (i.e. capturing objectives) help build your Point Streak.
Apparently Point Streak Bonuses stack towards your next Point Streak.
After acquiring your last Point Streak Bonus, your Point Streak reset, allowing you to re-acquire bonuses.
Confirmed Point Streak Bonuses :
- IMS (4 Point Streak) : The Intelligent Munitions System is used in-game as an anti-personnel device. It is placed on the ground and the mine flies all the way up and detonates in mid-air. It was confirmed recently by Robert Bowling the AC-130 Killfeed is a placeholder as they didn't have the IMS icon yet.
- Predator Missile (?? Point Streak) : The Predator Missile is an Air-to-Surface missile launched from a UCAV. It can be used to kill an enemy or a group of enemies, but can also collide with enemy aircrafts, resulting in guaranteed destruction of that aircraft.
- Juggernaut (14 Point Streak) : It is unknown how the Juggernaut Point Streak works. It could be an AI-controlled Juggernaut traveling the map, or it could also be a Juggernaut armor suit just like in the Spec Ops mission "Invisible Threat".
- AC-130 (? Point Streak) : Rumored. Be the gunner of an AC-130 for 40 seconds(?) with the choice of 3 different cannons.
- Pavelow (? Point Streak) : Rumored. Call in a heavily armored helicopter.
- Harrier Strike (? Point Streak) : Rumored. Call in an airstrike followed by a hovering harrier to cover an area of the map.
Scrapped Rewards : Tactical Nuke.

Gamemodes and Playlists :
New gamemodes are set to appear.
There will be Sniper lobbies.
Confirmed returning gamemodes thus far : Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch Express, Domination, Search & Destroy.

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modern warfare 3 must read
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