GROUP PERKS???????? ThumbnailCA73YB92-6-1-1
GROUP PERKS???????? ThumbnailCA73YB92-6-1-1
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 GROUP PERKS????????

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PostSubject: GROUP PERKS????????   GROUP PERKS???????? I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 10:35 pm

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New MW3 Perks and Team Perks Leaked
Jun 13, 2011 MW3 Perks 3 Comments

We’ve got a couple of interesting pieces of news for you today regarding Modern Warfare 3 perks. None of this is confirmed, but it all comes from the same source that broke that first large MW3 leak, so I believe they’re pretty reliable.

The first tidbit about MW3 Perks is an entirely new concept that will be introduced in Modern Warfare 3. That concept is Team Perks. The idea here is that, instead of just unlocking an ability for yourself you can unlock it for your entire team. This is sort of similar to a buff or a passive party ability that you might see in an RPG type game.

Some examples that were given include a team perk that would let your entire team regenerate health faster, or a team perk that that reduces the effect of flashbangs on your team (they should call it “sunglasses”!). The only thing that’s really officially known here is that Team Stopping Power will not be an option, as Four Zero Two has tweeted that it would not be an option.

One thing that remains unclear about Team Perks is the definition of the word “team”. It seems that most major gaming blogs are assuming that “team” refers to a clan of sorts, which would be tracked via Call of Duty Elite, meaning you could unlock a perk and then your friends would have it activated whether they were in the same game as you or not. I find this unlikely, and think that it’s much more likely that “team” refers to the team that you’re in-game with. Basically, everyone on your team (Seals, Spetsnaz, etc) in the game you’re playing will most likely be the ones receiving the buffs.

The idea of team perks aren’t the only thing to come out of this latest leak. We’ve also got some more info on some of those, you know, regular MW3 perks. Five of them, to be exact.

» Blind Eye - Or, you can call it the “anti-killstreak perk”, because this perk makes you invulnerable to killstreaks from other players. That means you won’t get attacked by their choppers, etc. You will, however, still show up on UAV and the like. If you upgrade it to the pro version you’re not only protected from killstreaks, but you get the ability to help take them down more quickly. Your rockets will lock on faster and your gunshots will do extra damage to vehicles. You’ll become an anti-killstreak machine.

» Assassin – This fills in the other half for Blind Eye. Where Blind Eye protects you from things like choppers and chopper gunners, Assassin makes you invisible to things like UAV. In addition, you won’t show up on thermal sensors or heartbeat sensors. You’re an assassin, invisible to all but the naked eye. The pro version, as you’d expect, takes this even further. Upgrade to it and you’ll become invulnerable to CUAV and EMP and, perhaps even more importantly, when enemies see you your name will not show up and your enemy’s crosshairs will not turn red, leaving you free to sneak around in plain site..

» Point Guard – Frustrated that you’re always racking up tons of assists but are never quite able to finish your opponent off and get your hands on those cool killstreaks? The aptly named “Point Guard” is here to help. With Point Guard, you’ll get credit for a kill towards your killstreak bonuses every time you get two assists. It won’t show up on the scoreboard as a kill, but it will count towards your acquisition of killstreaks. So if you get 6 assists without dying, you get a UAV. Or if you get 2 assists and 2 kills you’ll get the same.

» Dead Silence – While Assassin makes you invisible visually, you still make noise. Enter “Dead Silence”, which takes care of that. You make no noise, not your footprints, reloading, etc. While Assassin makes you unseen, Dead Silence makes you unheard.

» Recon - Details are still hush on this one, but it appears it will give you a more advanced radar than you have naturally. Perhaps it will work to counter perks like Assassin that would typically make an enemy invisible to radar.

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